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Chef's Specialities

From £ 11.05   

Chicken  cooked to perfection with onions, peppers and a sauce consisting of yoghurt, tomato puree, crushed garlic, ginger and a unique blend of spices.

Murghi Masala
£ 11.05   

Tandoori chicken deboned then sauteed with mince meat and chef’s blend of spices.

Malai Murghi Masala
£ 11.05   

Delicately pieces of chicken, cooked with almond and freshly ground masala sauce garnished with layer of butter and cream.

From £ 11.05   

Thin fillets cooked with the chef’s unique recipe

Jhinga Balchou
£ 14.65   

King prawn cooked in a delicious hot, sweet and sour masala sauce with fresh mushroom. A classic Goan dish

Lamb Chop Masala
£ 14.65   

Tender baby lamb chops marinated over night and cooked in an exotic sauce.

Handi Lazeez
£ 11.05   

Boneless pieces of chicken, sauteed and simmered in their own juice. Made ready with aromatic chillies, coriander and cardamom.

Passanda Nawabi
From £ 10.45   

Marinated pieces of chicken cooked in cream and delicate herbs - Kashmiri recipe.

From £ 11.05   

Marinated pieces of chicken cooked in cream and delicate herbs - Kashmiri recipe with deshi ghee and butter.

Aloo Keema Peas
£ 11.50   

Lean double minced spiced lamb & potato cooked with fresh green herbs succulent petit pois -a classic from North West frontier

Crab Bhuna
£ 11.50   

In typical Goan style, this spicy minced crab is cooked bhuna style

Coriander Sizzling
£ 11.50   

Pieces of tender breast chicken, flavoured with green chilli, onions, garlic and peppers.

Jinga Gulnahar
£ 13.90   

King prawn cooked with master seeds, yoghurt and lemon

From £ 10.00   

Chicken cooked with spinach, yoghurt, garlic, fresh coriander & whole grain mustard with a touch of olive. oil.

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